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Direct Print On Wood Without Preprocessing Easy Operate

Direct Print On Wood Without Preprocessing Easy Operate

Direct print on wood is done by wood printer,there is no any other preprocessing ,can print pictures on wood with a high speed and high resolution.Our wood printer is equipped with anti-collision system and anti-static system to ensure good quality and safety of print head

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Product Details

Wood printer can directly print on wood ,it is refer to adopt piezoelectric inkjet technology to spray ink to the surface of medium with high speed and high resolution,giving the visitors a very good feel on eyes and have good touch feeling. Equipped automatic stirring device increase the automatic cycle of ink and enhance influent of white ink. The straight- line mute rail ensure the printer work more quite, stable and in high accuracy .Our wood printer directly print on wood can be widely used for almost any materials such as glass, cardboard and almost all kinds of plastic such as Phone case, U disk surface, Acrylic, Name card, Disc, Cosmetic box, Crystal, office stationary and so on.


DG-2513 Specification Explanation
Print Head Quantity4~10pcs
Machine Weight1000KG
Machine Size4333mm ×2088mm×1300mm
Print Size2500mm(W)×1300mm(L)
Print Thickness80mm
Ink ColorC、M、Y、K、LC、LM、White、V 
Ink TypeUV ink
Print SpeedDraft mode:25m2/h
Production mode:17m2/h
High resolution mode:12m2/h
Cleaning SystemAuto positive pressure cleaning
Environment RequirementTemperature:20~30℃    Humidity:40%~60%
Power RequirementAC220 P2500
Max Load60KG/m2
Curing SystemImported UV LED lamp
RIP SoftwarteUltra print, GMG ,Photoprint
Operation systemWindows7_X64
Substrate material


ceramic tile,PVC,ABS,PC,canvas,PU,bamboo,

nonwoven fibre,stone,etc.

CertificationCE  RoHS  SGS
Package size4580 mm×2230mm ×1630mm
Machine weight after packing1400KG

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  1. What is the role of the UV flatbed printer's suction platform?
    Adsorption function is mainly designed for some soft materials (such as leather, plastic, PVC, etc.), opening the adsorption function can let soft materials more flat pave on the machine platform to facilitate the print head printing, and protect the print head better.

  2. How to keep the flatbed printer printed without fading?
    A.Use good sealing ink, which is the basic condition to ensure that the pattern does not fade for a long time. Do not choose the ink with long shelf life, because it’s particle is larger, not easy to be oxidized, will damage the printing effect of flatbed printer.
    B.The printed pattern should be placed in the shade without hard light, to ensure that the pattern does not suffer from strong light exposure.

  3. What software to be Compatible?
    Intelligent design,compatible for GMG,photoprint etc printing software can be Compatible, scientific operation to make the printing easily.

  4. Does the machine need long time to deal with the pictures?
    You just need to deal with the pictures on computer and then transfer to the RIP to do the printing.