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UV Flatbed Printer Applied To Advertisement

UV Flatbed Printer Applied To Advertisement

Advertiment itself is to promote the products effect or let people know something more clearly.and then people grasp something we want.finally they do the things we want.therefore,we need a media to deliver our thoughts.and the media is supposed to easy but deliver our signals fast. Apparently,pictures,words,videos and audios are the basic options.for the pictures and the words.the UV flatbed is your best choice.

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Product Details

UV flatbed printer applied to advertisement

In the advertisement industry.several printers are of them are the UV flatbed printer.for example,signage. We can see some slogans at a market or at the roadside or on the streets.almost all of them are printed by UV printer.because UV printer adopts piezoelectronic technique to jet ink through precise print heads.the ink sprayed on the substrates can solidify quickly once was exposed under the special UV light.and the ink can adhere on the materials firmly without any dropping out or peeling.

Print Head   Quantity4~10pcs
Machine   Weight1000KG
Machine Size4333mm ×2088mm×1300mm
Print Size2500mmW×1300mm(L)
Print   Thickness80mm
Ink ColorCMYKLCLMWhite
Ink TypeUV ink
Print   SpeedDraft mode:25m2/h
Production mode:17m2/h
High resolution mode:12m2/h
Cleaning   SystemAuto positive   pressure cleaning
Environment   RequirementTemperature:20~30      Humidity40%~60%
Power   RequirementAC220 P2500
Max Load60KG/m2
Curing SystemImported UV LED lamp
RIP SoftwarteUltra print, GMG   ,Photoprint
Operation   systemWindows7_X64
Substrate   materialWood,glass,aliminum,metal,marble,plastic,ceramic   tile,PVC,ABS,PC,canvas,PU,bamboo,nonwoven fibre,stone,etc.
CertificationCE  RoHS    SGS
Package size4580 mm×2230mm   ×1630mm
Machine weight   after packing1400KG

Road signage
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1.Does it must be sprayed a pre-coating?

Our printer can print white inks directly and no need for pre-coating.

2.Could your technician come to our addresses to install the machine for us?

No problem, The technicians can go install and train your operators in person, but all fees like round tickets, VISA, lodging and boarding should be taken charge by buyer.