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3d Printer Ceramic With Anti-static System Certified By CE

3d Printer Ceramic With Anti-static System Certified By CE

3d printer ceramic is equipped with anti-collision system ,can provide a high printing speed with high resolution,which offers the output image a good effect with visual enjoyment.It is widely used in the areas whose product need to be printed such as phone case,ID card,wood,bamboo,etc..

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3d printer ceramic is used for industrial production. The anti-static system guarantee the printing pattern without ink flying that may affect the output image.It possesses fast printing speed with high density nozzles and high dot frequency, which makes the digital printing production to come true. what’s more,the printer has high resolution with 5pl ink drop size. All these characters making our printer a wide use printer in so many industries.Photos print on glass has a good Visual enjoyment which make the photos more light and beautiful. Not only photos can be printed,the printer is applicable to many kinds of different materials, with professional color separation software, ceramic tile, phone case, metal, glass, wood, plastic bags, card, etc.

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1.Are you a factory or trading company?
   We are a factory.

2.How to pay? Can I use credit card?
  We often use T/T(Telegraphic Transfer

3.Why UV flatbed printer's control head is uncontrolled ?
   A.There is a problem with the raster decoder;
   B.There is a problem with the limit switch or the accessory.

4.Can ink box be always used?
    Many people think that the box is just a container filled with ink only, as long as there is no leak and rupture with the ink box , 

    can always add ink to use, this is actually a misunderstanding.It can not be always used.