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What You Don't Know About UV Flatbed Printer

- Apr 20, 2018 -

UV flatbed printers are widely used in various industries.Home decoration decoration and furniture market has been expanded.The domestic home decoration market reaches tens of billions of dollars, and the personalized home decoration is quietly popular.Users print their favorite pictures and images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors according to their favorite home style.Creating your own personal space.

backdrop wall 1.jpg backdrop wall 01.jpg

The popular mobile phone shell and digital market are also very popular, and most of the users are young fashion groups. Printing on these products is your best expression of your personality.Such as mobile phone shell, U disk, mobile power, kettle, etc.

Mobile Phone Case.4png.jpg Phone Case 05.jpg 

Mobile Phone Case.jpg Phone Case 02.jpg

UV printers are also used in advertising, movies, games, animation, wedding dresses, and pop culture peripheral products markets.It also can be used for professional proofing.UV printers are known for their fast printing speed, high production efficiency, wide range of material applicability, competitive ink prices, and huge production volume, and the potential for UV market development is also growing. 

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