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- Jun 26, 2018 -

What is causing the ink break in the universal printer

In daily production operations, sometimes we will inevitably encounter a universal printer ink breaking. Although the current equipment has continuous print function when there is ink break, but we also need to know how the ink breaking phenomenon is caused. And how to solve it?

1, the appearance of broken ink,can be because most of the ink in the ink box is used up, check if the ink is exhausted. If so, just add new ink.

2, the air box of the cartridge is blocked, and the air can not get into it , and the ink won't come out. If the vent is blocked, we only need to re open the vent so that it can flow smoothly. This requires technicians to check the entrance of the small cartridge and vent.

3, the nozzle blocked, this reason is more complex, some because of the impurity accumulation of ink, some of the main board has problem, can not control inkjet; some because of the piezoelectric crystal damage; some because the raster strip unscramble and so on. In case of the above situation, technicians are required to turn off the equipment and check them one by one. If it can not be solved,  ask manufacturers for help.

All above is about the causes and solutions of universal printer's ink breaking in the production process, hoping it would be helpful to you all.

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