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The Advantage Of UV Ink

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The size of pigment particles in UV ink is less than 1 microns, which contains no volatile organic solvents, super low viscosity and no pungent odor. It ensures that print head is not blocked in  printing process.

glass printer.jpg

UV ink and weak solvent ink, due to their own characteristics,their application method and application fields are determined.UV ink can be used together with white ink, so many manufacturers can print some beautiful relief effect, which is first stacked with white ink to make a relief effect, and then printed with color UV ink to achieve relief effect. The weak solvent ink can not be used together with white ink, so there is no way to print out the relief effect.

ceramic with varnish.JPG

In addition, due to many materials need to be coated print with weak solvent ink, without coating printing products is easy to fade; and UV ink can be directly used to print on a lot of materials, don't need to do any coating processing, simple, convenient and practical.

uv printer.jpg

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