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Inks Do Not Come Out

- Nov 25, 2017 -

The printing process is good at the beginning, Shortly afterwards . all of a sudden, it appears to print a distance and all heads no ink?


Situation analysis:

1.this kind of problem appears most in EPS device, EPS nozzle inkjet voltage is above 38.6, when the voltage is higher than the nozzle power supply, there will be no inkjet, or when the voltage is lower than the nozzle’s,no ink either.

2. There is a voltage enhancement plate on the X axis, and there is a type of triode on the top of this plate. When the heat of the tertiary tube is higher than 60 degrees, the nozzle will disconnect the nozzle


1. Replace the head board for testing;

2. Replace the pressure plate for testing;

3, when increasing the temperature of the pressure plate to too high , you can refer to the refrigeration system cooling, if it has the effect, that means nozzle die, please replace the nozzle.

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