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DG-2030 Printing Machine With 10 Toshiba Heads Was Shipped To Iran

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Last week, we sent a DG-2030 printing machine to Iran, this machine equipped with 10 toshiba ce4m print heads(C M Y K LC LM +double White+double Varnish), the printing size is 2000mmX3000mm. The customer of this machine use it to print picture on wood, MDF, glass, acrylic. He came to our factory in September,and print some samples on site. He was satisfied with the printing effect of our machine. He also visited other printer factories when he was in China. He compared these printer factories after he returned to Iran.Finally, he chose our factory.

DG-2030 with 10 toshiba heads was shipped to Iran.jpg

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