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Woman Leather Watch Bands Printer Certified By CE

Woman Leather Watch Bands Printer Certified By CE

Woman leather watch bands printer,which is certified by CE, equipped with Toshiba print head that has a high resolution and high print speed.Making the printing patterns more vivid and true.

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Product Details

Woman leather watch bands printer certified by CE

Woman leather watch bands printers ,can print the pictures on the materials at a time,no need to do other process.With LED lamp curing system,it will be dry at once no need to wait any longer.Achieved CE certification,that means it is safe for people to work with.Adopt high-strength steel frame,ensure no deformation when print glass,stone and other heavy materials.

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  1. Does the machine need long time to deal with the pictures?
    You just need to deal with the pictures on computer and then transfer to the RIP to do the printing.

  2. How many kinds of coatings there is?
    A.Metal coating  B.Glass coating

  3. Why there will occur ink leakage when UV flatbed printer printing
    A.Problems in siphon ink  B.Problems in ink box and ink tube  C.Problem in the voltage of the ink

  4. What software to be Compatible?
    Intelligent design,compatible for GMG,photoprint etc printing software can be Compatible,   scientific operation to make the printing easily.