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What should we observe when buying a UV printer

- Dec 13, 2017 -

In the daily life of shopping, we will be more inclined to merchants with large strength and it is equivalent to buying UV printer, the customer wants to buy from the manufacturer who has large strength and professional manufacturers.Before buying a printer,manufacturers should be clearly investigated and then can guarantee the processing problems after buying, do not impulse purchase.


Machine stability
In the purchase of the printer, we must pay more attention to the stability,it is better to observe the operation of the printer,UV printer is large industrial equipment, the machine's stability is extremely important to the businessman,the stability of the machine is the decisive factor that affecting the production efficiency.Therefore, when buying a UV printer we must pay much attention to the stability

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Print head and UV ink
The most important of a printer is the print head and the UV ink, in the purchase of a UV printer,the most common problem is which kind of print head and the ink.Print head is the main part of a printer,which determines the printing resolution,printing speed and effect; UV ink has a variety of options for customers,so it is better to take your samples to print to see the printing effect and choose the most suitable ink.

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After-sale service
The after-sale service is also a very important factor when choosing a printer, because no matter how good the machine is, there will be problems in using ,at this time the manufacturers after-sale service is very important.Especially as UV printers the large expensive machines, the after-sale service is indispensable.

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