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What is the meaning of UV printer's parameter

- Jan 17, 2018 -

When we go to the factory to buy and inspect the UV flatbed printer, the manufacturer will introduce a lot of parameter information to show us its performance. If you are a user who is the first time to contact with a UV printer, you may not understand the specific meaning of these parameters:
1.Maximum print width of UV flatbed printer. UV flatbed printer can print a lot of materials, application industry is also very wide, different types of equipment can print different maximum width. When we buy printer, we should first choose the UV flatbed printer with the maximum print width which meet the needs of the daily work according to the print requirements.


2.UV flatbed printer's print head. For any kind of ink-jet equipment, the influence of the print head on the print quality is great. At present, Toshiba is the most used print head for better UV flatbed printer, adopt piezoelectric ink-jet technology, and ink supply is continuous.With the technical improvement of the print head manufacturers, the model of the domestic UV flatbed printer will also be changed.
3, UV flatbed printer print resolution. The printing resolution is an important parameter to measure the effect of the final printing effect. In general,it is referred as dpi, the higher the value is, the better the the printing effect. The resolution of the common ink-jet printer is 600 x 1200dpi, 1200 x 1200dpi and 2400 x 1200dpi. It can be adjusted according to the printing mode selected.

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