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The larger the machine, the faster the print.

- Jun 06, 2017 -

This is also a wrong view, the saying goes, three smelly cobbler arrived in a Zhuge Liang, not to mention the small machine is not Zhuge Liang, in the same time a single encounter machine case, the speed of small machines slower than the big machine And even some faster than the big machine, but the format is slightly smaller, the same small machine within the scope of the print material, it is recommended to use a small machine, because the larger the format, the higher the accuracy of printing, the price of a large machine Is also a small machine several times, buy a large machine can buy a few small machines, if the big machine is broken, a small machine bad one, the other can still be produced. So the comprehensive consideration in the format to allow the scope of a small machine or have a certain advantage, mainly depends on the production needs, the size of the machines have their own advantages and disadvantages

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