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The difference between Toshiba and Ricoh

- Nov 29, 2017 -

1.Price:Ricoh is about twice higher than Toshiba ,Ricoh is much more expensive than Toshiba.
2.Ink:The ink Toshiba use is certified by Toshiba company,Ricoh the ink it use is just tested by the printer company,each company their ink for Ricoh is not the same.
3.Resolution:Toshiba ink drop size is 5pl,Ricoh is 7pl.
4.Life:Toshiba is about 2-3 years,Ricoh is about 1-2 years
5.Replacement:Toshiba is single color one head one color,if there is something wrong taht you need to replace the print head,you just need to replace this color;Ricoh is one head with 2 colors,if there is anything wrong,you need to replace the 2 colors.

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