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Maintenance of UV flatbed printer

- Jun 06, 2017 -

1, by setting the print quality, so that the UV flatbed printer print faster. The UV flatbed printer uses a normal USB jack that allows the UV flatbed printer to stay at normal speed. However, for some products that are not critical for quality, you can set the print quality to "1440 * 720" mode and increase the printing speed of the UV flatbed printer.

2, to prevent the nozzle dry, you can place a wet cotton cloth at the nozzle. Wet cotton moisture will naturally evaporate, the nearby air moist out, so that the nozzle will not be so easy to dry up.

3, UV flatbed printer to be placed on a relatively flat platform, and can not put anything on top of it.

4, UV flatbed printer is a tough product, but also has a delicate character. The environment around the UV flatbed printer must be dry, ventilated, cool, and free from direct sunlight, and must ensure that the amount of dust is small.

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