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How to solve uv flatbed printer coloring and waterproofing problems

- Jun 06, 2017 -

UV flatbed printer in different industries to play a surprising use of the ability, UV flatbed printer in a variety of different materials can be arbitrary painting, but the UV flatbed printer on different substrates to paint the effect is not the same. Some materials are easy to color, such as wood, leather, etc., and more material coloring more difficult, such as glass, crystal, metal, ceramics and so on.

According to the study, it was found that the success rate of coloring could be increased by pre-treatment and post-processing. For example, in the UV flatbed printer before printing, in the material surface coated with a layer of professional paint, can effectively increase the coloring effect. Can also be printed on the UV flatbed printer, the surface of the material coated with a layer of varnish, can also increase the clarity of the screen. These processes are smelling UV flatbed printer clever use, greatly enhance the printing effect, even in the glass, crystal, metal, ceramics and other harder coloring material above the inkjet, can never get a clear image.

There are also companies found that some of their inkjet products are not waterproof. Run color technician is also very good to solve this problem. After working on a UV flatbed printer, UV varnish can be used on the surface of the product, UV varnish can improve the color of the picture, and it can also be waterproof, greatly extending the life of the product.

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